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Our laboratory uses engineering methods to reveal the intricacies of vascular biology, and thereby discover new ways to treat human disease. In particular, we study how the interaction of cardiovascular cells and their extracellular matrix is altered in diabetic hyperglycemia. We then apply these discoveries to novel biomaterial and drug development.

The research in our laboratory spans biochemistry, biomechanics, and vascular biology. Our work is at the interface of engineering and medicine, celebrating the inherent interdisciplinary nature of biomedical engineering with a strong emphasis on clinical applications.

We are funded by NSF, NIH, AHA, Department of Education, and the Nanotechnology Institute.

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Endothelial cell mechanics in diabetes 
Perfusion effects on cancer metabolism
Pressure myography-on-a-chip

Laminar and Disturbed Flow Effects on Endothelial Glucose Metabolism

Endothelial cells adapt to blood flow in their mechanical environment.This research is supported by NSF.

We are creating an engineered vascularized, in vitro breast cancer model to study perfusion-induced changes in tumor metabolism.

The goal of this project is to create an artery-on-a-chip which includes PVAT and enables vasoconstriction and vasorelaxation measurements in response to both mechanical and biochemical stimuli.

We are investigating how steady laminar and oscillating disturbed flow differentially affect macrovascular endothelial glycolytic flux. We further aim to determine how these metabolic pathways impact endothelial dysfunction in vitro and ex vivo.

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Fischell Department of Bioengineering

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